Real estate is an inefficient market

Investing in real estate comes with lack of perfect information, fragmentation, and high transaction costs. The ingredients of an inefficient market.

Beekin was built with the singular mission of using data to provide industrial analytics to real estate investors. We use geo-spatial analysis, mathematics, machine learning and data engineering to provide beautiful, easy-to-use dashboards for investors. 

At Beekin, we replaced excel and human bias with statistical models to help us , and also a boatload of honesty and integrity.

In the world of Beekin, it starts and stops with you, the Investor.  Quite simply, you make the market. 

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The Beekin team is a motley group of former real estate private equity investor, mathematicians, data engineers and urban economics academics. 

We've also worked at institutions such as Deutsche Bank, Cisco, Samsung, Imperial College and UCLA. We have 3 patents under our belt.

Most of us are outsiders who have disrupted other industries before turning our sights at real estate.  

Armed with this ammunition, we have your back covered. 


Beekin provides web-based analytical software to investors in alternate real estate. This can help in:

  • Rental optimisation
  • Tenant probability of default
  • Indexation of rent

We are in private beta mode in the UK and US, with marquee counterparts

Interested in learning more about us - Coffee sometime?