Illiquid investments are inefficient markets

Illiquid investing in real estate comes with innate risks, due to lack of perfect information, fragmentation, and high transaction costs. The ingredients of an inefficient market.

For more than 700 years, since the Hanseatic League started making investments, investing in illiquid assets such as real estate, has remained inefficient and even abstruse. 

The Beekin Company was built with the singular mission of providing an institutional risk and data management platform for illiquid assets. We've started with residential real estate, a $180 trillion asset class globally. And we've only gotten started.

We replaced excel and analysts with Python, R and data models to help us along the way. And also a boatload of honesty and integrity.

In the world of Beekin, it starts and stops with you, the Investor.  Quite simply, you make the market. 



At Beekin , we learned about investing and risk by investing several hundred million dollars for large institutions, and building algorithms across asset classes. We understand compliance, valuations and reports, since we have lived it ourselves. 

We have worked at institutions such as Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Lehman Brothers. 

We are also outsiders who have disrupted genomics, actuarial finance, food delivery before turning our sights at real estate.  

We have 2 patents and 3 prior exits under our belt.

Armed with this ammunition, we have your back covered. 



The Beekin DataStore provides a backbone for solving a myriad of problems. Our solutions are grouped in the following areas

  • Market intelligence
  • Analytics
  • Data services

Beekin is currently shipping BREW (Beekin Real Estate Wealth), our portfolio management and reporting tool

Interested in learning more about BREW - Coffee sometime?