Artificial intelligence for real estate, to boost rental income

Beekin provides software, to help institutional real estate investors drive alpha, by maximizing income and minimizing risks. Our software products are powered by advanced machine learning, data engineering and years of operational insights.

Models powered by millions of datapoints and machine learning

Comprehensive, user-friendly dashboards that tell powerful stories

Solutions trialled with experienced commercial investors


Investing in real estate comes with a lack of perfect information, fragmentation, and high transaction costs. The ingredients of an inefficient market.

At Beekin, we replaced excel and human biases with statistical rigour, and also a boatload of honesty and integrity. At Beekin, it starts and stops with you. Quite simply, you make the market.

O U R  P R O D U C T S

  • Dynamic rent pricing using competition, demand, and amenities pricing

  • Tailor made for multi-family, co-working and box storage

  • Increase NOI by 15% by using sophisticated models

  • AI model that is 3x better than the next best option

  • Property, customer and behavioural attributes

  • Reduce evictions by 50%, choose tenants who stay longer

O U R  T E A M

The Beekin team is comprised of former investors, algorithmic traders, spatial economists, and machine learning engineers. In addition to working in financial services at H.I.G. Capital and Deutsche Bank, we have also worked at Cisco, Samsung and Berkeley Lab.

With advanced degrees from leading universities globally, we’re outsiders who bring insights from robotics, genome research and fintech into real estate. Our Advisory Board represents luminaries from real estate, asset management and machine learning. These include the chair of real estate at an Ivy League University, and Head of strategy at a large bank.


At Beekin, we share the following traits:


Real estate is the world's biggest spot market


We strive to separate signal from noise, not only when it comes to data


The earth moved 4.6km in the time you read this, can you?


A prima donna exists in arts, not science

We are always keen to meet peers with quantitative backgrounds, to bolster our engineering and product functions. If you want to join us, or just fancy a chat, do reach out using our gitlab / twitter. We’d love to hear from you!